gallery From Attitude to Gratitude

Thanksgiving has arrived! Let us all be thankful to God for the gifts he has bestowed upon us and celebrate the arrival of each new day.  Life is precious and we must never take it for granted. 

Something has been on my mind lately. All around the country it seems, via newspaper and media reports, there’s a lot of anger, hatred, and attitude being expressed.  Much of it seems to be in response to Trump being elected. This is so strange to see, because while Trump and all his people are going about their business relatively peacefully and as normal people do, there seems to be this unexpressed idea that if you’re anti-Trump you have the right to act hatefully towards people. I don’t get this.

I grew up in a very religious christian family with parents that embodied the Golden Rule. My parents believed in treating others with dignity, respect and with kindness.  This was in the era of Mr. Rogers, who still remains one of my greatest heroes and inspiration; and I know his influence runs deep in America. If he were still alive he’d be saddened with the way so many people are treating others with hatred and judgement. There’s no room in our country or in our world for this type of malevolence toward one another.

While it’s completely understandable how many people feel disappointed with the result of the recent election, what’s not understandable is taking out one’s anger on a whole group of people.  Is this acceptable?   For most of my life I’ve been the epitome of a liberal, I’m an environmentalist, independent, I’m an organic farmer, I compost, recycle, I’m a writer, I’m into holistic medicine, I’m an entrepreneur, I believe in free speech and I like to create things. Years ago, liberals were the progressive thinkers, pro-environment, pro-human rights, pro-dignity, the cool people. Today though, it seems much of this anger toward a whole group of people (Trump voters) is coming  from this group of people who did not want the election to end the way it did.  Any people that say mean and hateful things, hit and hurt animals, (Police horses do not deserve to be hit, sorry), they think that no one’s opinion matters but their own, they show no respect or care for anyone who doesn’t think like them, they don’t think there’s any room in the world for free speech, they need safe spaces in case anyone disagrees with them. What is going on????  What year are we in? Where did this fear and anger and attitude come from?

Perhaps there’s a shift that can be made to bring us all full circle. Whatever political party or branch we’re affiliated with, we all still want the same things don’t we? Peace, Love, Happiness, Health, Joy, a Healthy world, planet, and joy for all creatures, humane treatment of animals, success, peace of mind, World Peace, goodness, Love and Joy for All, connectivity. What makes it ok for any of us to treat others with violence, anger, hostility, or judgement?  We are AMERICA! We are the Red white and blue! We are the best of the best, can we all start acting like it? Despite lifes’ troubles and tribulations we all have so much to feel grateful for. If things don’t go our way, we pick ourselves up and move forward. We continue doing our best. We don’t start hating our neighbor. We love our neighbor, we live by the Golden Rule, now and forever the show must go on. Let’s change our attitude to gratitude and continue making this country the best it can be. God Bless America. Happy Thanksgiving!

I do believe Mr. Rogers and Henrietta Pussycat would approve this message.