How do you do? Thank you for visiting the Wecologist site.

Here you will find news and information revolving around environmental health matters. Environmental health reflects imbalances and concerns that relate to the natural world as well as human health conditions. Together we can change things for the better, after all what can matter more than protecting your and your family’s health? In my upcoming book, The Wecology Handbook you will be provided with everything from situations in the food supply to toxic chemicals, tap water, air pollution and wildlife. The Wecology Handbook is your resource for gathering intel.

About me:  I’ve been a nature lover and wildlife advocate ever since I can remember. As nature would have it, in the early 90s I was catapulted through personal tragedy into learning about the harms to our health instilled by hazards in our environment, like pesticides, fertilizer, and toxic chemicals.  This path led to my passion for organic farming; I even started making my own organic healing tea recipes, which 25 years later I turned into an official tea company, Hippocrateas.

Through it all I was inspired to write about the food supply, health, and ecological issues affecting us all. Through this blog and my upcoming book I hope to contribute to raising public awareness so that we can expedite solving these issues together.

In the very near future, I hope that you will be my guest at the the debut party for the Wecology Handbook, date and location TBA.

A votré sante!


(The Wecologist site was formerly known and found at http://www.organna.com)


Bicycling in Acadia

Hippocrateas Organic Teas



Not sure who rescued who…

The rescues



Helpful Links:

herbal teas to protect your health: http://www.hippocrateas.com

find out what’s in your tap water: http://www.ewg.org/tap-water/

find out what’s in your food: http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/index.jsp

Coming soon, organic consulting at http://www.organna.com.



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