The Green HandBook

The book is here at last! BOOK TWO COMING 2023!

Arm yourself with facts and Solutions to help you be your healthiest yet. This is Book One of the Green Handbook Series, serving info on the Food Supply. Find out how to protect your family and your health from disease-causing substances found in all areas of the food supply.  From food packaging to agricultural runoff,  herbicides and fertilizer,  learn how much your health and the planets is affected by not only what we eat, but how we make it. More than the challenges at hand, this book’s foundation is in its Solutions!  Day by day, together or apart we can each make choices that help us move the pendulum. See how much what we eat determines or lessens our risk for disease. Together we can peacefully resolve any and all problems.

This book has two covers available, each highlighting critical issues linked to the food supply–

the Pollinator Crisis and Plastic in our environment.

Unless we act boldly and act now, the earth and our health will be in serious jeopardy.

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Buy either book at our website: BUY HERE

or at Amazon:     Plastic Straws Cover      or       Pink Pollinators Cover

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