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While most coverage about GMOs relays information about the food crops and herbicide dangers, the rBGH (aka rBST) genetically modified growth hormone given to dairy cattle seldom gets discussed.

Originally produced by Monsanto, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) or bovine somatotrophin (rBST) has been in production since at least 1994 under the trade name Posilac.  Naturally as one might expect,  Monsanto has fought labeling.  Though it’s been proven to cause cancer and heaps of other unwanted health effects, Monsanto has to date been effective in keeping the media quiet about rBGH. Because of corporate and lobbyist efforts, the FDA only permits labeling of dairy products in conjunction with the disclaimer stating, “The FDA has determined that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-supplemented and non-rbST-supplemented cows.”

If you want to know the whole story about the way Monsanto and the chemical cartel is transforming the dairy industry, you must read Dr. Samuel Epstein’s book,  What’s in Your Milk?  Unfortunately the rBGH contaminates not just milk, but all dairy products: butter, ice cream, yogurt, cheese… For your health please choose rBGH-free dairy products whenever possible.

Read what the Organic Consumers Association said in 2007 about about Dr. Samuel Epstein’s book.

whats in your milk

Fret not, though there are toxins like these GMOs in our food supply, and we’ve all been exposed to them, by discontinuing or eliminating as much as possible consumption of such foods you will be changing the course for the better.


  • Choose organic, nonGMO foods when possible. (this reduces your exposure to pesticides and herbicides, unnatural proteins and allergens, antibiotics and hormones given to animals)
  • Choose rBGH free milk and dairy products (or make your own homemade varieties starting with rBGH free milk and cream). Cows injected with rBGH are also fed a GMO based diet of GMO corn and soy.  All of these GMOs get passed on to us through the dairy products we consume.
  • Get minerals: because GMOs bind essential minerals and make them unavailable for us to absorb, you need to supplement your diet with a full spectrum high quality source. If you can’t find any near you, you can find them here and have them delivered to your home or business. Personally, I like the BTT and any of the plant-derived minerals as well as Beyond Osteo Fx.
  • Eat a lot of good fats like avocados, coconut oil (unrefined and cold or expeller pressed), virgin olive oil (unrefined, cold or expeller pressed), butter (rBGH free), ghee (rBGH free), eggs from family farms not factory farms (means they’re not fed GMO feed as well as free of antibiotics and hormones), organic cheese, ice cream and yogurts that are free of rBGH.
  • And make sure you get omega oils, eat wild-caught fish (avoid all farmed fish–they too are fed GMOs believe it or not and sadly overinjected with antibiotics and hormones just like factory-farmed animals) at least twice a week or supplement your diet with high quality essential fatty acids. If you can’t find a good source near you, look here for the Ultimate EFA capsules and have them delivered right to your door.
  • Avoid consumption of white sugar and corn syrup right this minute.  Instead choose Grade B maple syrup, raw local honey, organic unsulfured molasses, whole leaf stevia, or organic turbinado sugar. To get the skinny on the depths of refined-sugar diseases read Sugar Blues by William Dufty, it’s an eye opener!  Avoid the sugar substitutes also–splenda and aspartame are neurotoxins.
  • Avoid white flour and processed foods– chips, fast food, soda pop and candy all contain GMO ingredients unless they’re organic and certified nonGMO.


Why Stay away from rBGH: (From Organic Consumers Association),

  • rBGH makes cows sick. Monsanto has been forced to admit to about 20 toxic effects, including mastitis, on its POSILAC label.
  • rBGH milk is contaminated by pus, due to the mastitis commonly induced by rBGH, and antibiotics used to treat the mastitis.
  • rBGH milk is chemically and nutritionally different than natural milk.
  • rBGH milk is contaminated with rBGH, traces of which are absorbed through the gut.
  • rBGH milk is supercharged with high levels of a natural growth factor (IGF-1), which is readily absorbed through the gut.
  • Excess levels of IGF-1 have been incriminated as a cause of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
    IGF-1 blocks natural defense mechanisms against early submicroscopic cancers.
  • rBGH factory farms pose a major threat to the viability of small dairy farms.
  • rBGH enriches Monsanto, while posing dangers, without any benefits, to consumers, especially in view of the current national surplus of milk.
The risks of cancer to consumers and particularly their children, especially those enrolled in the Public School Lunch Program, are indisputable.

If you want to help school children in America, we must end the contract for Ghobani Yogurt–Ghobani contains milk from cows fed GMO grains and injected with rBGH. I think our nation’s schools can do a better job providing healthy uncontaminated foods for children in the United States.

1. Boycott Ghobani

2. Call Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education

3. Call First Lady, Michelle Obama to voice your concerns

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education 

Michelle Obama, The First Lady
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500