Water Filtration Installation


I’m pleased to announce that Adore Your Home, my green consulting biz is coupling with AMW Building Services LLC in Chicago to begin offering whole home water filtration systems! Sadly even if Chicago updated their water filtration systems, the water that comes through the tap after journeying through those pipes is questionable at best.  Therefore, we’ll be offering an array of water improvement services to fit all budgets:

  • Point of use filters (under the counter)
  • Whole house filtration
  • Water line re-plumbing

From carbon block filters to reverse osmosis systems, we’ve got you covered.  Our aim is to help you and your family avoid toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, DBPs (water disinfection byproducts), and the unmentionables (random nasty stuff that ends up in drinking water), as well as to reduce the need for plastic water bottles. Our water resources are being drained day in day out only to be bottled and sold in plastic bottles. So much waste- and additional risk of BPA and plasticizer-chemical contamination. One day in the not so distant future these shall be no more, but we have to get the tap right first:)

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clean up the tap

If you live in or near Chicago and would like a free estimate, please call us at: (312) 714-5244 or contact us using the form below. You can also reach us through our website, www.adoreyourhome.com.

Thank you! Adore Your Home, Adore Your Neighbors, Adore Your Planet, Adore Yourself!

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