gallery Big Ag, in thee we trust?

In kicking off the birthday celebration for the United States, perhaps it’s time we declare independence from burdensome chemicals.

What do you like most about modern agricultural chemicals? (partial list of atrocities)

  • Heavy use of toxic chemicals?
  • Contamination of waterways?
  • Spreading and proliferation of aquatic dead zones?
  • Toxic algae?
  • Deteriorating health of amphibians and water life?
  • Correlated spikes in diseases?
  • Loopholes in laws regulating fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides?
  • The government’s stance regarding K061 Waste?
  • That grasslands, meadows and native prairies are being replaced with GMO corn fields
  • That GMO farming contributes greater amounts of toxic pesticides and fertilizer runoff that destroys waterways and groundwater?
  • That Monsanto’s Michael Taylor runs the FDA?

Marketing and advertising is misleading when disguised as factual. Big Agriculture (Big Ag or the GMO cartel) is comprised of the the big players in the chemical & biotechnology industry: Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont, Syngenta.

From Mommy Bloggers to Clandestine Spies, Here’s How Monsanto’s PR Company Controls the GMO Debate“Sure, PR is an old game, but Big Ag is giving the age-old techniques of shaping public opinion a new, sneakier spin,” Lappé noted. “Much of today’s marketing happens behind the scenes and off the printed page—on the Web pages of blogs, on Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, through sponsored content and industry-funded websites and on the stages of big-ideas festivals.”

Sustainability is hardly the first thing to come to mind when considering companies like Monsanto. As the publication Modern Farmer notes, “History isn’t on Monsanto’s side: Founded in 1901, the multibillion-dollar Midwestern-based business has been behind such harmful chemicals as Agent Orange, Dioxin, DDT, and PCBs, the questionable dairy cow hormone rBGH, and the artificial sweetener Aspartame.” Continue reading

Protect your family, protect yourself, protect our planet by avoiding use of toxic agricultural chemicals.

As shocking as it may be, that is the green reality!