gallery JFK, perhaps our last great President

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our chief of the stars and moon set high standards for the office of President of the United States.  Though some contenders may have begun with the illusion of coming close, none but perhaps Reagan in my opinion have been able to remain anywhere near the ballpark.

Some of the problems evident with recent Presidents involve lobbyists and choices that compromise our nation’s food supply, and consequently our health. For instance:

  • Why did President Obama appoint Monsanto’s Michael Taylor as FDA Food Czar?
  • Why did President Bill Clinton approve GMOs without safety testing or labeling in 1996, and through the same stroke of his pen, why did he give the chemical lobbyists their greatest gift ever–effectively extinguishing the Delaney Amendment from 1958 (the only law that prevented carcinogens from being added to our food supply).
  • Why did President Obama appoint Tom Vilsack ( the pro-factory farm, pro GMO lobbyist) as his Secretary of Agriculture?

In comparison, JFK was:

  • Uncorrupted, uncorruptable
  • Fair
  • Honest
  • Honorable
  • Respectable
  • Respected
  • Concerned
  • Cared about Civil Rights
  • Believed in equal pay
  • Cared about America
  • Cared about all Americans regardless of race, sexual orientation, familial status
  • Cared about all people
  • Believed in God
  • Believed America was the greatest country on Earth
  • Fought against the Military Industrial Complex
  • Fought against One world government
  • Fought Communism
  • Established the Peace Corps
  • Fought to preserve America and America’s autonomy
  • Defended the Wilderness
  • Signed the Clean Air Act
  • Defended Rachel Carson and opposed overuse of chemicals
  • Fought against the Federal Reserve
  • Fought against America’s enemies
  • Fought against your enemies, our enemies
  • Fought to keep America great
  • He was a war hero
  • Fought against nuclear arms
  • Banned Henry Kissinger from his sphere of influence
  • Opposed control by the Council of Foreign Relations
  • Opposed and resisted war
  • Upheld the Oath of Office
  • Fought to protect the Constitution of the United States
  • Fought to protect what America stood for in liberty and justice for all
  • Fought oppression
  • Worked for Americans, not lobbyists, not corporations