gallery The truth about GMOs and Government

The collusion of government, lobbyists and dangerous corporations must be halted. I used to believe the democrats were the environmental party, but if that’s the case:

  • Why did President Obama appoint Monsanto’s Michael Taylor as FDA Food Czar?
  • Why did President Bill Clinton approve GMOs without safety testing or labeling in 1996, and through the same stroke of his pen, why did he give the chemical lobbyists their greatest gift ever–effectively extinguishing the Delaney Amendment from 1958 (the only law that prevented carcinogens from being added to our food supply).
  • Why did President Obama appoint Tom Vilsack ( the pro-factory farm, pro GMO lobbyist) as his Secretary of Agriculture?


We are a government for the people by the people–Not for corporations, especially not for corporations whose products undermine our health.