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Through inadequate laws and corporate arrogance, damaging disease causing pesticides remain in use.  Though ordered to remove products by the EPA, Bayer instead resists and takes the case to court.

From Grist Magazine:

Why the EPA’s recent pesticide battle could be a big deal

“Seven years later — two years longer than expected — studies conducted by the EPA found that flubendiamide was having adverse effects on aquatic invertebrates. In January, the EPA gave Bayer the sign: a notice that, as they had agreed, Bayer must withdraw its flubendiamide pesticides. But last month, Bayer flat-out refused. In a statement, the company said that it “instead will seek a review of the product’s registration in an administrative law hearing,” asserting that the product was safe. It was a bold move, one that triggered outrage among environmentalists, many of whom demanded that Bayer play by the rules.But the damage, unfortunately, is already done.

In California alone, 42,495 pounds of flubendiamide were sprayed onto 521,140 acres in 2013. In some places, it was applied six times in one year, misted over crops like soybeans, alfalfa, watermelon, almonds, peppers, and tobacco. In many cases, the EPA asserts, it was also being sprayed over wildlife…” read full article

We don’t have to put up with this. Don’t buy any any toxic gardening or pesticide product–organophosphates, neonicotinoids, fungicides like flubendiamide are killing bees and ecosystems while also damaging the health of us all.  These products harm all including children and pets. Protect your health, your family and avoid pesticide products.


The USA government has to endorse the Precautionary Principle. It’s ridiculous for any poisonous unsafe chemical to get sold let alone applied to food crops without testing and safety clearance. Every other country in the world endorses the precautionary principle and requires safety to be proven before allowing anything to market, why not here?  Lets stop the cronyism and get the lobbyists out of government.


Flubendiamide – Notice of Intent to Cancel and Other Supporting Documents

February 15, 2018: EPA is issuing a Notice of Intent to Cancel all remaining flubendiamide products manufactured by Bayer CropScience LP and Nichino America, Inc. because the companies failed to comply with a condition of registration and because the products pose risks to aquatic invertebrates that are important to the health of aquatic environments.

Flubendiamide is an insecticide registered for use on over 200 crops with some crops having as many as six applications per year. Crops treated with flubendiamide include soybeans, almonds, tobacco, peanuts, cotton, lettuce, alfalfa, tomatoes, watermelon, and bell peppers. EPA issued a time-limited registration to the companies for flubendiamide to better understand the product’s toxicity and potential impact on the aquatic environment. The terms and conditions of the registration that were understood and agreed to by the companies stated that if EPA were to make a determination of unreasonable adverse effects on the environment, the companies would, within one week of notification of this finding, submit a request for voluntary cancellation of all the flubendiamide registrations.

EPA concluded that the continued use of flubendiamide will result in unreasonable adverse effects on the environment, particularly benthic invertebrates, which are an important part of the aquatic food chain, particularly for fish. After being informed of the EPA’s finding on January 29, 2016, the companies were asked to submit a request for voluntary cancellation by Friday, February 5, 2016. The companies rejected the EPA’s request for a voluntary cancellation; therefore, EPA has initiated cancellation of all currently registered flubendiamide products for the registrant’s failure to comply with the terms of the registration. Continue to EPA website





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