Where environmental health and holistic health intersect.

Are You ready to reconnect with your well being and have some fun doing it?

If you’re in pain or struggling with lingering ailments that won’t go away check us out.

  • Get the scoop on what to buy and what to avoid at the grocery store
  • Cook with us virtually in your kitchen and learn how easy it is to cook tasty & amazing nourishing delightful food you and your family will Love
  • Learn step by step how to purify your tap water so you can have great clean water for cooking and drinking so you never have to Buy water again:)
  • Greenify your home so it’s supporting your best health
  • Learn quick tips for eating on the go, and while traveling
  • Indulge in water therapy and natural healing methods
  • Practice meditating, visualizing, and tuning into your inner Artist!

This is a journey like no other where you’ll quickly learn and practice skills to boost your health from within. Healthy Food, nutrients, water, air quality, environment, self care, nourishment–get ready to have fun learning to master these key areas.

Whether you’re trying to heal from a chronic condition, or you’re just worried about health in general, or someone in your home is not feeling their best, especially since the pandemic has shifted our world– this workshop will give you the training and practice you need for better health ahead.

Our team will guide you in essential methods and skills you need now in order to have more control of your health and your future no matter what obstacles may be thrown in your path.

No fuss about going anywhere, all classes are virtual so you can attend with us live or when time allows.

Warning, You’re likely to feel good and experience a more resilient immune system. You may breathe, move and sleep better too; helpful factors during the Covid pandemic. 


  • Better sleep
  • Less pain
  • More joy
  • Less stomach and digestive issues
  • Less moodiness and less depression
  • More energy
  • More flexibility
  • Stronger Memory
  • Less headaches
  • Better concentration
  • Less congestion
  • smoother breathing
  • More control of your health

If you or your loved ones are in pain or worried about your health in any way, don’t delay. Give us a call to see if this is right for you!

How do you sign up?

Schedule a discovery call with us to see if the Well Workshop is for you:

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