Are You ready to reconnect with your well being?

Are you in pain? Are you struggling with lingering ailments that won’t go away?

The Be Well Workshop has your solutions. This is a journey like no other where you’ll quickly learn and practice skills to boost your health from within. Healthy Food, nutrients, water, air quality, environment, self care, nourishment–get ready to have fun learning to master these key areas.

Whether you’re trying to heal from a chronic condition, or you’re just worried about health in general, or someone in your home is not feeling their best, especially since the pandemic has shifted our world– this workshop will give you the training and practice you need for better health ahead. Our team will guide you in essential methods and skills you need so you have more control of your health, your future.

In this 6 week journey we’ll be diving into the 4 core areas that sustain & effect us:  Water, Air, Food, Environment. We’ll focus on nourishing ourselves as well as identifying & removing toxins found in these core areas. You’ll become familiar with which toxins affect our health, and how to reduce your exposure immediately.

Basecamp Sessions. Throughout the course we’ll practice prepping and cooking healthy nourishing food. We all need to eat so let’s make it food that helps us in our life pursuits. You’ll get the recipes & ideas for many delicious easy to make nutritious meals for you & your family. Plus, you’ll get the lowdown on all the nutrients we need for optimal health. You’ll know which ingredients to avoid & if you’re interested why and how they affect us through our emotions, sleep, energy, overall health, resilience, aging, organ health and hormones, and more. This is priceless and life-changing info that helps you to protect your health.

Safe clean water is critical for our health & well being. From water therapy to drinking water, we’ll investigate and explore the importance of clean safe water. Not only is it important to drink 8 or more glasses of water daily, but it’s essential that the water we’re drinking is safe and clean! To make it easy for you, we’re going to send you a free brand new filter for your kitchen. This helps make your tap water safer than any other water out there! We’ll show you how to use it in one of our classes. It’s super easy and sits on your counter next to the sink, so make a little room:) You’ll now have ample safe water for both cooking and drinking every day for the rest of your life! We’ll be working with water a lot throughout the workshop. The soups and teas we’ll making will all be better with water from your new filter.

We can’t forget to mention we’ll also be detoxing your home, identifying hotspots and creating your healing zone. Our team will guide you and you’ll receive personalized coaching throughout the program and afterward. We’re here for You! We’re aiming to elevate your health inside and out. 

Warning, You’re likely to feel good and experience a more resilient immune system. You may breathe, move and sleep better too; helpful factors during the Covid pandemic. 


  • Better sleep
  • Less pain
  • More joy
  • Less stomach and digestive issues
  • Less moodiness and less depression
  • More energy
  • More flexibility
  • Stronger Memory
  • Less headaches
  • Better concentration
  • Less congestion\
  • smoother breathing
  • More control of your health

We’re giving you the tools to create durable wellness within you & within your home.  Some classes will be in the kitchen or at a table, while yet others will include being outdoors or soaking our feet in therapeutic waters. Don’t worry all classes are virtual so you can watch with us live or at your leisure if you can’t make it.

If you or your loved ones are in pain or worried about your health in any way, don’t delay. Sign up for the Be Well Workshop so you can thrive as nature intended.

How do you sign up?

Schedule a discovery call with us to see if the Well Workshop is for you:

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