gallery VOTE !

Tomorrow is a big day for the planet, we all hope! Tomorrow our votes can go a long way to protect our family, our health and our environment.

I don’t want to presume I know anything about any of the politicians currently in office, but some people surely don’t belong in politics. If a person is only in it to serve their own interests and not to serve our country, they don’t belong in office. If a person is only in it to help corporate polluters escape justice, they don’t belong in office. If a person is only in it to sell off our public lands they don’t belong in office.

Lets bring back decency to our nation, consideration to our neighbors, and common sense to policy. We need politicians who are courageous, willing to fight for what’s right and defend those who can’t defend themselves.

There are so many issues to address, but here is my short list of what I hope we can accomplish straight away:

  1. Congress: Farm Bill: Put together a reasonable Farm Bill that supports sustainable farming, helps families in need, doesn’t desecrate the Clean Water Act, deforest our wildlands, or endanger animals.
  2. Interior Department: Investigate Secretary Ryan Zinke, he’s no boy scout
    1. Allowing the sell off of our public lands,
    2. ravaging our National Parks,
    3. harming wildlife and wildhorses,
    4. considering rescinding the only safety regulation on fracking
    5. opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Drilling
    6. sacrificing marine sanctuaries for offshore drilling,
    7. accepting bribes from Halliburton
    8. Mismanagement of Wildhorses led by the corrupt Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  3. EPA:
    1. Save children’s health and protect Bees  & Pollinators, uphold the ban on Chlorpyrifos
    2. Stop Rolling back coal, mercury, fracking and radiation rules and allowing activities that harm our planet, our health and encourage climate change.
    3. Stop stripping the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts
    4. Start implementing Clean Water Rules and Regulations for ALL Toxic chemicals, contaminants, and heavy metals. There’s so much work to do in this area alone it’s mind boggling.
    5. Stop minimizing the dangers of toxic chemicals and letting industrial poisons get a free pass. Because of your lacky efforts the FDA approves many toxins into market that shouldn’t be in the market.
    6. Strengthen and uphold the Toxic Substances Control Act and the Charles Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act
  4. FDA: Do your job and start protecting people and animals. Stop allowing poisons in our food supply and stop approving opioids.
  5. US Forest Service/USDA:
    1. Protect our old growth forests, especially the Tongass and Chugach Forests in Alaska. Uphold the Roadless Rule.
    2. USDA Wildlife Services, cease the brutal killing of wildlife on public lands
  6. Fish and Wildlife Services: Reinstate the ban, neonics and GMOs don’t belong in Wildlife Refuges!


Together we can get this done!