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Finding Beauty Everywhere You Go

Chicago: population 2,783,726, land 23.2 miles = extremely dense urban area. Rough estimates: 2000 busses, 9,000 taxis, 2,900,000 car horns, 986,337 car alarms, 1,765,244 blenders, 3856 garbage trucks, 7,891 jackhammers, 17,691 sirens; and on any given day 4,342,585 yells, screams and whistles. These are the ingredients when combined create a noisy city. Our home. Yet, every so often there is some silence, and always there is beauty to be found.  Hidden within the walls of the Three Arts Club located at 1300 North Dearborn there is a photo exhibit entitled Quiet Beauty: Chicago 2000….  This is from a paper I wrote in October of 2000 that I just came across last night. While it’s a bit dated and the Three Arts Club is now a cafe or somehow affiliated with Restoration Hardware, it reminds me that though years may have passed and perhaps we’re living in more chaotic times today (i.e. political situation, terrorism, random lunancy…), we still can find beauty everywhere we go.

So while I too have been shaken by these months of late, I’m choosing to not let myself be overwhelmed any longer, no matter what shocking things people or persons of interest may say or do, what noise attention seekers make, good people and nature’s beauty stand all around us.  Good people, good hearts, and good minds are the ingredients needed to accomplish great things.  The lovely ring of “Good Morning” still makes my heart sing. Let us all be inspired to follow our hearts and make this world a better place for all.


Wildflowers growing on Mount Massive, Leadville Colorado