gallery It’a About the Water, No DAPL As Planned

If the Dakota Access Pipeline is to proceed it must do so WITHOUT risk to our water sources. All lakes, rivers, streams and water sources need our protection including Lake Oahe.  It’s absurd to consider that the current plans call for digging under this tremendous body of water when in reality the pipeline could be rerouted away from the lake and away from risk.  Then the oil companies can have their pipeline, the lake can be protected, and the people can have peace of mind.

Pipelines are known for spilling, leaking, breaking. Why do we put up with this? So many sacred sites– Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Mexico, the Yellowstone River have all been compromised by oil spills. Why isn’t there better technology to make oil spills obsolete?  With all their millions and the government subsidies oil companies receive why can’t they invest in making pipelines, drilling sites, and oil tankers accident proof? Can it not be done? Have they even tried to create such technology? With a little investment, encouragement and profound sense of doing what’s right maybe the oil companies could actually become leaders in protecting the earth.  Then they just might gain our respect.

Protect the Water and Get Involved! #NODAPL