Little Plastic Bottle Caps = Big Problem

While litter may seem irrelevant in light of more serious tragedies, it remains a big problem. All plastic litter, especially these little pieces of plastic–bottle caps, plastic safety seals, styrofoam– can lead to starvation and death for marine animals and wildlife. What many people, especially children don’t realize is that when we throw garbage in the street or on the sidewalk or out the window, most of it will end up in nearby streams, lakes, rivers, and eventually the ocean. Once in the waterways, they will be mistaken for food and ingested by animals.  You’ll notice in the picture below all the bottlecaps found in the dead bird’s stomach.

By not littering we can change this.  Please help and do your part, demonstrate to others that littering is not cool, nice, or respectful to our planet. If you see litter on the ground, help clean it up if you can and put it where it belongs.


plastic pollution, plastic oceans, end litter, wecologist
Dead albatross, photo courtesy Cynthia Vanderlip


plastic pollution, litter kills, end litter, plastic oceans,
Albatross, photo courtesy Cynthia Vanderlip