gallery Google: Stop Reinforcing Violence

Ever since the first time I saw this text box appear on my computer, I’ve been bothered by it. It’s been the same for 3 or 4 years.

If words, images and things around us can influence our thoughts, shouldn’t we all be doing our best to reinforce peace, love, understanding and kindness. Google instead chooses to reinforce violence on a daily basis. 

Google, kill or wait?

If you have a slow internet connection or your computer has a technical issue, the text box featured below may appear. Google:  You can’t find a more appropriate word than kill?  In today’s conflictive times, is using “kill” really the best choice? Personally I think you could be more ethical, helpful, and creative than this.  God only knows how many kids and people around the world see this message day in day out. 


If you agree, please tweet to @Google and let them know what word you’d like them to use instead. 


Dear Google, please change the word “kill” to “close” in the Wait or Kill Pages notification

@google in your unresponsive notification box, please change the word “kill” to “Close”



Save the planet. Save the people.