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One of the simplest things we can do to keep our planet healthy and clean is to not litter. Litter is not only ugly, it harms animals and people as well as wild lands and waterways. Litter clean up days are fantastic, but with the amount of litter polluting our towns and countryside, once a year is not enough. Aside from picking up litter that you see and putting it in the trash where it belongs, you can encourage others not to litter, especially kids in your neighborhood. With the lack of anti-littering public service announcements and catchy slogans like we had in the old days– Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute, and Don’t be a Litterbug– it’s up to us to model good and responsible behavior.

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Oscar Owl Hoot, written by my parents Tom and Betty Kappele

Was Oscar Owl Hoot the inspiration for Woodsy Owl? They sure look alike:)



Let’s End Litter.