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Gain a deeper understanding of our modern food supply system: the companies behind GMO Foods are the same companies dominating seed supply and pesticide manufacturing as well as pharmaceuticals. See this article from the Pesticide Action Network for an insightful look,

The Pesticide Treadmill

“For decades, conventional farmers have been trapped on a “pesticide treadmill.” When persistent organochlorine pesticides like DDT were phased out for their health and environmental harms, a new fast-acting generation of organophosphates were phased in. And the pattern continues.

With the introduction of genetically engineered (GE) crops, the pesticide treadmill has shifted into high gear.

Patented GE seeds are designed for use with specific pesticides, leading to increased use of these chemicals. And widespread application of these pesticides leads to the emergence of herbicide-resistant “superweeds,” among other things.

Industry’s latest answer to this problem? More GE seeds, engineered to be used with even more drift-prone and dangerous chemicals.” Continue reading




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