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Medical marijuana users make sure you’re obtaining uncontaminated goods. Toxic pesticides are far too readily available, and often overused. With organophosphates this is especially disconcerting for the residual toll to the bee population and the pervasive neurotoxic effects that reach far into the human population.  Why does the United States allow such toxic chemicals to be sold and used here? Often they’re used far too often and in far heavier amounts than recommended. The real toll of these deadly substances may never fully be measured.

From Eugene Weekly:

Toxic Pesticide Detected In Eugene Marijuana


Hey, hold on just a second before you fire up that weed — it could be toxic as hell.

A shiver ran through Eugene’s marijuana community Feb. 5 when the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) ordered the stop-sale of Guardian, a popular pesticide, after it was discovered the product contained abamectin, an insecticide that is highly toxic to bees and marine life, and which in high doses may lower sperm count in men.

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  1. Do what you can to protect bees and limit the use of toxins in your garden and yard.
  2. Bees are the canary in the coal mine, showing us how dangerous these chemicals are. By protecting bees, we protect ourselves.
  3. Go organic, buy organic when possible.
  4. Drink organic tea like Hippocrateas, it’s good for you and good for bees for a reason.
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