Enlist Duo, a mix of glyphosate and 2,4-D is cause for alarm!

Despite its toxicity and the fact that the EPA revoked its approval for use, Dow’s Enlist Duo (a combination of glyphosate and 2,4-D) is still on the market.

Glyphosate is the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. Roundup is the most used herbicide in GMO farming.

2,4-D is notorious for decoupling mitochondria–as described by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring. That is not a good thing! Amongst other toxic effects, 2,4-D reduces and disables the body’s ability to utilize oxygen and restore energy. Why this has still been allowed in U.S. markets is ridiculous. Is it because our government is run by lobbyists?  The same companies producing these toxic debilitating poisons make the GMOs threatening health and they manufacture the pharmaceuticals that one will need to recover their health! Sounds like a corrupt anti-human anti-life anti-health, but pro-money business model to me! Time for the lobbyists, corporate influence, and politicians who support the corruption of our health and well being of our planet to go! If not now, when?

It’s time for pesticides and herbicides to be removed from agricultural use. And it’s time allowable pesticide residues on food be lowered, not increased. This is one of the many reasons why it’s fundamental to stop the free trade agreements like TPP that will expose us to greater pesticide toxicity in our foods.

Pesticides are dangerous enough alone, but when combined as is often the case in real-world situations– when farmers apply more than one pesticide to a crop, or as in the case with Enlist Duo, when various pesticides and inert ingredients are coupled together in one product–the toxic effects and health consequences are far greater and not yet even fully understood.


Dow-finalphoto courtesy of GMO free USA


  1. We must stand up for our rights. Was not this country formed on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Those that interfere with our pursuits must be stopped. Dow, much like Bayer in refusing to take heed of the EPA’s calls for product withdrawl from the market, is no friend of ours.
  2. Protect your and your family’s health:
  • consider not using pesticides.
  • consider not using fertilizers contaminated with pesticides
  • consider not supporting farming practices that use pesticides