Ending Litter

Good Morning. I love the mornings and I love saying good morning to people:)

One thing that disturbs me when I’m out for a walk or a run with my dog is seeing litter! Litter seems to get worse with each year that passes. I remember growing up and learning that littering is wrong wrong wrong. And there were littering signs commonly found in parks, schools, public spaces.  I don’t see littering signs too much anymore. In fact I can’t remember the last time I saw one. I see Recycling signs a lot, but that doesn’t help teach people not to litter.

I’m going to start making my own signs and posting them around, afterall having a helpful reminder around can’t hurt. I feel respect for our home and our country is reflected in littering. Until we get back to a non-littering society, I keep finding myself picking up other people’s trash and putting it in the garbage or the recycling bin if it’s recyclable. What else can we do to clean up our neighborhoods and end littering? All ideas are welcome.

Shout out to those who pick up litter before mowing.  So sad to see fields in Chicago mowed without any concern or effort to pick up the garbage beforehand.  As bad as plastic litter is, it’s even worse and more harmful when it’s splintered and snaggle toothed!

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Dangerous Plastic Litter
end litter, #endlitter, plastic litter, plastic pollution, wecology handbook, wecologist, wecology
End Litter