Vote for Bayer, Worst Corporation Ever!

Today you have some options for worst corporation. First select a category, Crimes against People, Crimes against Life, Crimes against our Food, Crimes against our Air, Crimes against our Water, Crimes against our Health. Or you may choose to select an industry like Toxic Chemicals, Pesticides, GMOs, Petroleum, Fracking, Pharmaceuticals, Chlorine, Fertilizer, Mining, and many more. If you look at them all you may find that Bayer could be the worst of all. Beginning with their historic involvement in WWII and the production of Zyclon B gas and inexcusable medical experiments conducted on unwilling souls, and continuing today with their toxic chemical, GMO, Bee-killing pesticides.  If people knew the truth would they continue buying their products and keep Bayer in business?  We don’t have to support companies that so violently interfere with our health and well being.

STRENGTHEN THE TOXIC SUBSTANCES CONTROL ACT (TSCA)   The time has come to reform the TSCA. Created in 1976, There are far too many chemicals in commerce that haven’t been tested for safety and many that cause disease and cancer yet they remain in commerce. While there have been a few attempts lately to make improvements to the TSCA, most of these bills provide further allowances for the chemical industry and less protections for our health. We need comprehensive changes that honestly reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals. People first, industry second.



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