Free Trade and the disappearance of Food Safety

Stop the MONSTER of Free Trade, TTIP, The GLOBAL GMO Protection Act!

If you think Monsanto is bad, wait til you hear about TTIP and the ‘Free Trade’ coup!

Just as we are on the verge of gaining GMO labeling in the US, these trade deals, TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership and TAFTA (Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement), also called TTIP (the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) could eliminate food safety and labeling altogether.

If Monsanto and the biotech cartel gets their way, countries around the world could lose their ability to label GMOs as well their right to impose common sense restrictions on the sale of GMOs (genetically engineered food and seed). The TTIP could make it fully illegal to label GMOs in the U.S.

It’s time to eliminate corporate and lobbyist control of our government, not the time to allow more shenanigans.

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